Who Is Renée Porsia?

Lauren Hart

Not only does Renée love the Flyers but has been great friends with the number one ranked anthemist, Lauren Hart for over 20 years now. 


Renée Porsia is driven by success and possesses the perfect combination of intellect and moxie that has earned her the tagline, "Agent Genius".
An expert negotiator, she has sought justice and earned her battle scars in the trenches of the legal field for over a decade. She is not afraid to be unpopular amongst her peers for fighting for her what's in her client's best interest. 

Renee’s interests are as diverse as a her clientele; sharing a passion for philanthropy, animal advocacy and the underdog. She is a published writer, real estate instructor, singer/songwriter, social media junky and Philadelphia Flyers fanatic.

These characteristics as well as possessing a dynamic philosophy have been the cornerstone that has shaped her real estate career and has transformed her clientele into lifetime advocates.
Renée’s years of experience in the industry, both as a Realtor/Broker, allowed her to take the things that worked, toss those that did not, and put it all together to form a company that is genuinely true to the core. Renée has surrounded herself with the best people in the business—mortgage brokers, title representatives, escrow officers, legal minds, home inspectors, insurance agents—people she has worked with and found to have standards of service that mirror her own. She will not settle for anything but the best, and neither should you. Here are some things that make our service stand out:
  • Track Record: 100% customer satisfaction
  • Paralegal: A legal background means more distinguished service for you. Renée was a paralegal before starting her career as a Realtor, and has skills that most agents do not have when it comes to understanding purchase and listing contracts and negotiating. Please note that Renée does not hold herself out to be an attorney and does advise consumers to seek legal representation if they so choose
  • Broker: Brokers are held to a higher fiduciary standard than agents, and this benefits your experience and service.
  • Dedicated Attention: Limited client intake so as not to jeopardize your service.
  • No Buck-Passing: Personal attention means you will always reach Renée, not an assistant or secretary.
  • Experience: Renée is an experienced Realtor/Broker, with more than 15 years in the field as an agent/broker. In this market there is no place for inexperienced agents. Renée’s background and legal understanding of contracts is a plus.
  • Professional: Consummate professionalism throughout the transaction. “It’s all about the service…”
  • Integrity: Integrity is the most important quality in an agent, and that will never be compromised.
  • Company: Renée Porsia’s business is small enough to make a difference in your transaction–you will not be just another number in the mill–but strong enough to offer top-notch marketing and use of the most current technology available…all this with old-fashioned business ethics and dedication.
  • Community: Staying in touch with the community is imperative, and this is a priority for us. We keep up with local issues, news and trends to provide information and insight on a daily basis via multiple social media sites, blogging and videos. You will also find Renée’s articles in local magazines and papers, and national blog guest posts.
  • In the Loop: Renée is an avid writer and writes for various local publications, her own blog, and also has written guest posts for national real estate magazines.